Remember Your Creator

by The Worship Project

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Based on Ecclesiastes 9:7-11 + chapter 12


Go eat your bread with joy, drink your wine with a merry heart
Let your garments be white, let not oil be lacking on your head
Enjoy time with the wife you love all the days of your life
Whatever your hand finds to do use all your might

The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong
The bread is not for the wise all men are snared at an evil time
and chance happen to them all
The living have hope and the dead no more reward
So remember your creator in the days of your youth
Before the evil days come, you'll have no pleasure in them

The sun moon and stars are darkened
Rainclouds return again after the rain
The keepers of the house they tremble
The strong men are all bent down
The sound of grinding ceases
You'll still rise with the voice of a bird
The doors on the street are all shut
Those who look through the windows are dimmed
The daughters of song are brought low
They are afraid of that which is high
Fear is in the way
The almond tree blossoms and
The grasshopper drags itself along
And all desire will fail
Man is going to his eternal home
Mourners go about the streets
The silver cord is snapped
The golden bowl is broken,
The pitcher at the fountain, the wheel at the cistern
The dust returns to the earth as it was
The spirit returns to God above, to God above.


released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


The Worship Project Auckland, New Zealand

The Worship Project is:
Josh Luxmoore
Dan Lewis
Reuben Alderson
Kimberley Thomas
Jerome Alderson
Sophie Melles
Felix Alderson

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